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Many years ago Fanny Matilda Langley instituted a home for "educating and training children in destitute or straitened circumstances"


Originally she started her 'home' in Parkstone in Dorset, and then in 1922 she moved to Holmwood, Dorking and named her home St Faith's.  After Miss Langley's death in 1929, the work of St Faith's was carried on by Miss Corbet Hue - a great benefactor to the scheme - who on her death in 1954 bequeathed the residue of her estate to the endowment of St Faith's. 


In 1996 the scheme was updated, the name changed to St Faith's Trust, and the objectives of the Charity set out in more modern terms as


"to relieve children and young people (up to age 18) in the County of Surrey in conditions of need, hardship or distress" and in particular "to co-operate with or make grants to other charities, voluntary bodies and local authorities in Surrey, who are working toward the same objective."


The trustees believe that this is faithful to the original purposes of the Charity and enables them to continue the good work started back in 1922. 

Epsom Hospital, Casey Ward Playroom - refurbished in August 2015 by Momentum with funding from St Faith's.

Board of Trustees

Mr Kevin Berry (Chair)

Dr Barry Hutt

Mrs Maggie Simkins

Mrs Rosie Helowicz

Mrs Jane Campbell

Mrs Caroline Wilkinson 

Mr Andrew Allen


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