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Guidance in how to apply for a Grant 

Response from St Faith's Trust

Your application should set out how it meets the defined objectives of St Faith's and provide details of your Charitable status. It should explain how our support will help you meet your objectives and how you will be able to measure and demonstrate this achievement. It should also give an indication of your other sources of funding.


Please complete the form below and email it to the address at the bottom of the page. 


Trustees are very happy to talk to prospective applicants before any application is put formally to the Trust Board.

The Trustees of St Faith's are very interested in keeping abreast of the projects and initiatives they support and welcome news of progress.


There is a minimum level of reporting required which is set out below.


A report is required at the end of the grant period, and annually if the grant is for more than one year. Where grants are in several stages, funding will only be released on receipt of a report covering the previous stage.


Reports need not be lengthy and typically are one page of A4.


All applications will be acknowledged and assigned a Trustee who will act as the applicants point of contact. The Trustee will prepare a brief submission for the Trust Board and, if it is considered helpful, will try to meet the applicants.


The Trust Board meets four times a year and it is at these meetings that grants are discussed and considered. Generally a response is given to an application fairly quickly after a meeting and certainly within one month. 

Applications should arrive at least three weeks before a Trust Board meeting.

The future meeting dates in 2024 are:

September 25th

November 27th

Applying for grant


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